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Message 19 November 2019 at 9:11 PM


My dearest child of the Light of Christ, it is I, Moses, the Circle of Twelve, the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, God’s Heavenly Host, and the Holy of Holies Essenes. My child, this night may God’s blessings be bestowed upon the people around the globe.


Earth Changes

The world today is experiencing many unusual occurrences. There are fires that have spread within California. People are looking for the cause and do not realize that their system of government has created, in some degree, the outcome of these fires. (As said before, the political environmentalist groups won’t allow the underbrush to be cleared that eventually catches fire.) It is true that it will continue and begin to spread to the connecting states: Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona. These fires are thought to be caused by electrical lines but that is not so. The temperature (atmosphere and the sun) and the earths temperature (volcanic heating) is the cause. The suns radiant rays are hotter than usual. (The sun has moved slightly closer to earth because of human experiments on the atmosphere and the earth’s core causing the magnetic balance of our solar system to be off course.) The atmosphere, combined with the heating index, is also a factor to the equation. The land and its territory is not maintained which has a lot to do with it (cutting away underbrush). This is not climate change (the UN agenda of taxing all nations with a Carbon Tax). It is nature revolving within itself. Earth changes come in many different ways. When it unfolds its diverse systems, it has to run its course. For California, it is wildfires, winds, storms shown in rain and snow showers. We will continue on with this later.


There is much to speak on to bring enlightenment for all people. The American people and those across the oceans will be shown the truth as within God. Be at peace my child and knowing that God shall prevail over the shadows of darkness. Know that all is done in and through our Father God. The Light of Truth throughout the centuries we shall talk about. God’s Armor of Love is within you and Bill. Yes, the cycles of time is falling upon the moment. (All cycles of time are culminating now that were not settled in the past.) The past is the present. Mankind is in constant change. Be at rest (don’t worry) in knowing that change is good and opens the doors to truths. It helps in rebuilding and reshaping to have prosperity for all people and in all shapes and forms.


World Events

President Trump will not be impeached (meaning in this context that he won’t be thrown out of office or imprisoned). The truth will unfold many disguises that the American presidential position has created from past to present. (Past presidents and government officials were loyal to the UN backed Globalists, not to our Constitution and created laws not for the greater good.) The international nations will be forced into change within their own governments. People are people and have created muck and mire to control and build empires. The nations, in reality, do not stand together. They cope with them one another in making agreements to prosper in their economy. This is their idea of fair trade within their commodities. Each nation, in reality, needs one another. It is presently not balanced, but is functioning on middle ground which is better than not at all.


We shall continue tomorrow my child. May God’s grace and presence be with all people. Eternally in the Christ it is done. Forever, Moses.

Message 3 December 2019 at 11:01 AM


My dearest child of the Light of Christ, it is I, Moses, the Circle of Twelve, the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, God’s Heavenly Host upon High, and the Holy of Holies Essenes. My child, yesterday Ezekiel the prophet and my dear brother Thomas had joined me, us. Bill had asked if there was a connection of the giant storm moving across the United States named Ezekiel connected to the prophet Ezekiel. I will say this: Mankind chose the name Ezekiel (as the name of the storm) in thought of the powerful prophet Ezekiel. The energy the storm cast fourth catastrophic energy to the physical matter, it’s powerful energy of destruction. It washes away anything that is in its pattern of direction. Nature has its own means and ways of survival. Mankind has tampered upon nature and its natural growth elements (scientific experiments on the earth’s core and the atmosphere). Mankind’s thought of progression is derived from the physical self-consciousness. It knows its gains and wins from its likeness. (We create things aligned with our own self-interest.) It cares not for anything but itself.


This, as I have said many times, began in the beginning of time. It has destroyed itself only to be reborn again. Remember the soul is a vehicle for the physical life form, be it in its self-contained beingness or its Life Force of the Divine Spirit. Think not, my child, that in every moment of time, a purpose is being born? Ezekiel comes in and through God Lord Jesus Christ to speak the word of God’s prophecy to all people in hope that they stop and listen to God’s wisdom to brighten their path while on their journey upon earth. Corruption and destruction is in inevitable. It is coming before it’s time to be. Open gateways mankind has created to receive mini types of corruption that comes in many forms. Some driven by the personal life of emotion, others at the collective group emotions, others at the structural educational levels, others at the many government arenas, and it goes on in depth.


We shall continue later my child. At this moment, we shall take a break in and through our Father. All is done in Grace and peace to and for all people. Eternally in the Christ, forever, Moses.

Message 31 October 2019 at 10:51 AM


My dearest child of the Light of Christ, it is I, Moses, the Circle of Twelve, the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, the Holy of Holies Essenes, and God’s Heavenly Host.


US Events

The United States, today, is being held hostage within its own government by Congress members to push forward socialism that has been in practice since the beginning of time. My child, it has been where government owns the people and all their possessions. There is no freedom or liberty within their order of business. The behavior of such order and means is to control with greed of power over the people and all transactions within other nations. My child, falling into this level of consciousness upon earth is the opposite of good will for the greater good. This is seen in the nature of mankind, the animal kingdom, and in nature. God so gave each living soul the free will to choose his or her path in life experiences upon earth. There is only a glimpse of the greater good shown to all people, a glimpse and the presence of God shown within the heart of all people; the moment is an awakening in knowing the truth whether excepted or not. My child, today in US history will mark this day within the highest land of court, the crucifixion for justice, liberty, and freedom for the greater good in full consciousness. (Congressional Democrats held a vote to begin a formal impeachment enquiry against President Trump that is untruthful and unjust. It was being done in secret until Republicans demanded the public know what was going in behind closed doors. The UN backed Globalists want him out. He blocks their plans for a Socialist World Government.) President Trump, as has been said before, was placed in the position of President of the United States by God; the Holy Land of freedom, of liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all people. He has taken, in good standing, the persecution from all elite parties of government and elite parties of, within, the societies of mankind in all Nations. (He is being persecuted globally.) President Trump will prevail the corruption placed before him. God walks side-by-side within him and within his heart. He is battling the negative forces of the earth world that lives and breathes within those people who have excepted its means and ways.


The corruption within the US Senate and Democrats will face trial court where the people will see clearly socialist power enforced and capitalism enforce. (Trump will face charges from the Democrat held Congress and face trial in the Senate held in majority by Republicans.) Socialism is an idol within itself of evilness. I say with an open heart to all people: Take hold of God’s Sword of truth, liberty, and freedom for the planet life on earth. Hold fast to love. Love does not have its place in socialism. Pray, in and through God’s enforcement within your heart, to overcome the wickedness that walks upon earth and that is within the US Senate and Congress and government of the United States of America (Globalists within our government systems). Know this, that God prevails over all things. In the Christ, eternally forever, Moses


Message 6 May 2018 at 2:26 PM

My dearest child of the Light of Christ, it is I, Moses. This day, Sunday, is a blessed day of healing and goodwill to all humanity around the world. I say to all people: Let your hearts weigh not with that which has become a stressful means to endure, but lift your feelings in looking at a more peaceful and joyous means for all parties concerned in resolving your matters where all people share the fairness and goodwill (for the greater good). Life is made harmful by one’s actions, either taken in by good or bad thinking and feeling. It is not complex, my child, it is self-made for either. Now, my child, let’s move on.


Earth Changes

There is much concern over the Hawaiian volcano, but I must say: That has been said many times, the severity of the volcanoes and earthquakes will occur closer together. Yes, tampering in experimenting scientifically is being done in hopes to find a means to control and know when eruptions will happen and more. This is nature and it has, too, I shall say, a mind of its own. Remember, it is energy, and energy creates within itself from its divine purpose. The earth has gases within its layers. The earth has its means of properties to formulate its release of gases. Now, where Hawaii is concerned, more frequent occurrences of volcanoes erupting and earthquakes will happen; as well as in California, Africa, Mexico! (Dormant as well as active volcanoes).


World Events

The United States is now, within the government, going through changes. There is a division in power seats within Congress and the Senate. Yes, it is made up of Democrats and Republicans, this we know, but there is a re-connection of power decisions that will determine the side of truth for the greater good. It will be a choice that all members in the parties will be face to make from within their heart, because they will have to live through that which all people have to abide by. There will be no exceptions. The FBI has run out of options in protecting dishonesty, cheating, and lying. ‘The veil is lifted.’ The truth is free. All leaders will be accountable for their actions. As the UN closes in on President Trump to take the seat of power over the United States, their Rome, built, will begin to crumble even more (the UN is spiritual Rome). Yes, it is truer than realized that ‘time takes time’ (a term I often think about and use). The United States and the United Kingdom will be renegotiating terms of agreement on trade and missile defense. The borders of Europe are in need of protection and security.


China is very much a hot issue with the US, as well as Japan. Trade and commodities and the stock exchange are not on the table of agreements. Old ways of doing business they want to hold on to with minimal change that President Trump is standing firm on what is best for America. There is not much leg room or, shall I say, wiggle room to accommodate their needs and wants. An inside trade war is now occurring.


The Middle Eastern countries are, too, hot under the collar. They are accustomed to receiving more (money, weapons, and support) from the United States than is being given by President Trump. There are great concerns about supplying missile defenses as has been done by past administrations (illegally to Iran and others). President Trump will have to withdraw in being a supplier because of misuse. Russia is stepping up to a different platform than usual. His (Putin’s) strategies in missile defenses are changing in degrees. His temperament of force is standing firm in socialist means of control over his people (there are now many people in Russia protesting because of unfair elections and election fraud on Putin’s part). He is altering terms of agreement with Middle Eastern countries that are not favorable for Europe or the United States. Germany is, too, looking at cabinet leaders and considering on changing and adding positions to not only protect Germany but to strategically design better missile defense capabilities. Franc is working close with backing the UN strategies in building a better NATO alliance. Will it work? No, all nations must vote. At this moment, the nations are all in a tether with one another. Ireland is working within their small government to stand more independent with England. Royalty rules with a firm hand with Ireland but are open, with clear hearing, to listen to their demands. Africa will be of great concern and need. It truly is deplorable, but there is a disease out of control that will need to be contained (this makes it even worse).


More Earth Changes

Weather climates are most differently shifting, hotter and colder changes across the United States. Lack of rain causing drought and in other areas flooding rain, causing crop damage. Fires will occur. In the layers within the earth are rising heat and gases. Now, my child, let me say that the era of change in earth changes is here.


I shall close for now in peace for all people around the world. May God‘s grace and serenity be in our hearts. May there be unity in heart with one another. God bless all people in the Christ eternal. Forever, Moses.

Message 1 April 2018 at 9:40 PM (Easter)

We are gathered together in unity of the Holy Spirit our Father God. It is within His Holiness that His work is done. It is in His Holiness that peace and love prevails over darkness. I say into each and every one that His Holiness is not a ‘Rapture.’ In His Holiness is the Christ, the divinity of love. I am His Son Jesus Christ who was born into a Divine Plan that was not of mankind nor was it mankind’s will. It was through Father God, for He saw that all people of earth, torn from His Spirit, wondering in darkness and were in need of His love to survive. Let Me say that your today is no different than the day that I lived (the time period Jesus live in). The chaos of greed and the power to control the making of life is the same as when I lived (referring to how most people now make a living and live under demonic rule). The people of the ages of time have placed Me as an idol to worship. My message then was to have no idols to worship. Thy Father God is but One God and all people are created in His image. Thy Father is not a religion of many churches. Thy Father God is the Oneness of divine love in ALL things. He walks within the hearts of people in unity and peace. His harmony of presence is the creative Life Force that breathes life into beingness. It shadows not its Spirit of Holiness. It is as free as a bird that flies in the sky. Its whisper of song touches the heart of love with praise for all people. It knows not need nor wants for itself. You see not with your vision but you see with thy Father’s vision in unity and union for all creation (true vision is through the Father). Let Me say that the people of earth life have separated themselves in knowing from whence they come.


The loneliness felt within mankind exists not with God. It is a shadow within darkness. I say into all people: Within your heart God is. His presence of divine love is the Light that lights your journey in life. Open your hearts to one another. In kindness there is peace and unity. My child, Moses is God‘s prophet of love that will say the words of God to you and Bill in prophecy to lead the people out of darkness and despair. God’s Word is not bondage, his word is freedom from the bondage of the flesh. His Word is life that lives and breathes the awakening of the Holiness of the Spirit Divine Source. It shadows not the Light of love. It transforms the flesh of this earth world from its mundane beingness. I say to each and every one (that): In me and through me, your sinful life can be transformed in the Light of divine love. Look within your heart and take my hand and walk within the Light. It is done! Jesus Christ, eternally.

Message 22 March 2018 at 12:25 AM  Mary Speaks

My child, it is I, Mother Mary. Blessed are you in the wake of the day (referring to the time is just past midnight). You were but a child when I saw you last in Heaven. We are One in His name, my Son Jesus, thy Christ (ONE meaning together in belief in the Christ). The Bible is but a book of Holy stories that were experiences of thousands of years ago my child. The truth is within the Soul of Spirit, the Heart of thy Father. My Son, when He was but a child, saw the Heavens above. He was so glorified and wanted to share with the people of the joy of love and happiness. He, as a little child, was radiant and glowed of love and peace. His presence, then, was felt by the people of town in keeping Him safe. Joseph kept joyous laughter and played with him. We both knew that the day would come and Jesus would be on (about) His business with God to heal the sick and wounded in heart. My child, I come to you in His name and in the Christ in blessings to you and Bill to shower you both in the warmth in the Spirit of Divinity, His Holiness thy Father. All is One my child. It pleases me so in knowing thy Father’s Word is being done (that I am scribing God's word and sharing it).


Jesus Speaks

My child, it is I, Jesus, with thy Mother. In the name of the Christ, it shall and is done. Peace and love always, eternally, Jesus.



Message 18 March 2018 at 10:46 PM

My dearest child of the Light of Christ from the Holy Land of Heaven. It is I, Moses. Yes, I said the Holy Land of Heaven is your home and birthright of your Spiritual Being my child. It is where your Garden is of beautiful flowers and trees of all kinds, blooms are everywhere. My child, I know your return to earth (after my near death experience) was conditional with God, but your faith shall conquer the flesh. Your belief is strong my child. Do not cave in (concerning my health issues). I, too, from experience, know what you are spiritually and physically enduring. Let me say to you: Know, you are not alone ever my dearest one. Now, let me bring in the Circle of Twelve. Their energies are vibrating high beyond the universe in Oneness at this very moment. These prayers for all humanity are in full circle around the universe. Much change is encircling around the world.


World Events

The circumstances around [North] Korea is heightened with evil forces of revenge. Its leader has vengeance within his heart. I am speaking of Kim Jong -un. He has contempt for President Trump for putting sanctions on Korea (the sanctions were put in place because Kim test fired missiles that can be armed with nuclear warheads that can reach America). He (Kim) does not want to be controlled. It makes him look weak and powerless. He is not nor will be of God. It is his desire not to be. He is of this mundane, material earth world. My child, it is only by choice to be what they want to be. Korea should be known to the US as a threat and should be watched carefully. The Asian countries are supporting one another in trade. Russia is another country that needs to be considered as a threat. They, too, are trading. When I say trade here, I am speaking of military weapons and missiles. They are all strategizing in military tactics to overthrow the United States and other nations. Their political nature with one another is phony. Trump is changing business, trade, and stock exchange of the past years. They, all nations, are having difficulty in accepting his actions of business deals. Yes, he was put in his position to save America from corruption and from the UN. There is an inside war going on as we speak in America, but Trump can handle it. He has the business mind and the backbone my child. He has to clean house a little more deeper within his administration executive level (watch for this). The United Kingdom is backing down on agreed agreements with the US! Trump will need to revisit, with a firm hand, with European countries. France is a strong hand of the UN and Trump needs to be watching his back with the leader Emmanuel Macron who carries a very crooked stick (the UN tampered with French elections to place him in his seat as President of France as their puppet as many American and other nation’s leaders were puppets to the UN in the past seventy years since the inception of the United Nations). The Middle Eastern countries are refocusing their political strategies. They are rebuilding their armies. Israel will be attacked; their embassy is not safe (watch for this). Germany, too, is rebuilding their army and strategic forces. They have tight ties with Russia and the Middle Eastern countries. Big businesses are very much part of the political movement of missile defenses. They are all looking out for their interests financially.


Earth Changes

Now, let me say that the climate of the earth world is going through cycles of change. There will be intense severity in weather patterns around the world. The Arctic and Antarctica vortices are spiraling energies in the atmosphere, giving cause to streaming from both poles, north and south. The world will be affected. It is occurring now. Energy fields within the vortices of positive and negative energies meet, giving cause to catastrophic occurrences when it hits land. You have undercurrents in the oceans. My child, this will come sequential (within seasons but one after another). It is thought by your meteorologist to cease storming but it does not.

Peace is hard to come by. It may be felt in passing with people but your worldwide piece has warrior armor’s created by mankind. I must say that since the beginning of time, mankind has struggled with the exchange of peace among one another. Until mankind excepts God in their heart, there will be no world peace. Understand that this conflict among the nations and within the leaders begins in the beginning. Through the grace of God, love is present. My child, you and Bill continue God’s work and Word. All is good my child. The wavering events, worldwide, and it struggles to survive, is inevitable. Go forth in doing God’s work in the Christ Light. The Archangels are with both of you. God’s word in continuance shall be written in the Bible (wow). Peace and grace, eternal love forever, Moses. It is done!

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Excerpt from Message received 12 May 2017

The leaders of all nations have misused this power for selfish gain and power to control and continue in desiring and wanting more. Now, time has a playback and a reaping, putting it to detail. The US leader, Trump, is battling with war tactics thrown in his direction weekly by other countries and/or nations. The years before him were built on a throne to overtake the world under a dictatorship (through the UN). The boundaries are now put in place to keep, to change this from happening. God intervenes to bring about change in not allowing the dark side of life to have dominion over the Light, the Christ Force of Light and its presence in creation on earth and the universes. Mankind is not the divine source but connected to it through God's will to be done. Look closely at the signs, that the weather is changing it cycles across the world. Cold fronts, warm fronts across the oceans to the land, you see this as earth changes from within the earth and its core is where the energy is coming from and from the solar universe of all planets. These energies divested into nature. It has a divine intelligence sources within, channeling to all things. You will see many changes on earth through climate changes, hurricanes, tornadoes, hail storms, heavy rains creating flooding, and sinking lands. Ruptures from the earth, hot lava pouring into the land change in rock formations and much more, drought of crops and animals, high waters in oceans (earth changes). My child, over time this will occur. Yes, you thought "God prevails" and he does, that is true but in revelations of years past (John of the Bible) was told by God and his way-showers that is called Light-bearers of the truth. Redemption of the sins, the dominion is God, the Christ Force over darkness, ways of mankind's self-personality to have its dominion to be. Revelations is the new beginning, the Christ over Lucifer the dark-side. My child, I shall speak further. My grace and love is with both you and Bill. Know now that your move to Charlottesville is on the right path and in hands to see it through, heaven on earth. Work is ahead and shall be done. In peace eternally in the Christ



Excerpt of Message received 8 May 2017 at 9:07 PM Earth Changes 

It's not unusual for me to say at this time that the weather changes across the US states will under go rapid changes. It is unexpected. Hurricanes and tornadoes will occur with intensity. Kansas will endure many (tornadoes) that will bring unusual winds at a speed that will be catastrophic damages. It will seem that one will be two or three as one (one hurricane will be as big as two or three combined, huge), so this will be very large and have unusual affects to it. Hail storms will be again in the desert lands. The cooling temperatures will be known as unusual. The Great Lakes will rise higher than usual and create flooding in areas. This is not expected in these regions. Colorado two will be experiencing climate changes that are not expected, tornado like winds and rain fall. The coastal waters from Florida up the coast will most definitely have higher waters and flooding. Hurricanes will be spiraling, a twist of winds doing damage. Livestock and crops will be affected by this. Times of this nature will show the tides peeking, hurricane winds and rain flooding inland. Weather changes are moving through the world worldwide. This is too happening in international waters as well. People's focus will be caught off guard with no time to prepare. New York state and its territories will also experience climate weather of high tides and flooding in areas. Temperatures will be noticed. A cold front moves in carrying with it tornado winds. This is coming up the coast line. Let us take a moment to treasure God's love for all humanity, to protect and shield from the shadow of darkness. Gods Light prevails through darkness. It is done in the Christ. 

Excerpt of Message received 2 March 2017 message excerpt: Now let me say this, it is so correct that the world is undergoing a dynamic change in climate across the nations as well as the earth's changes in sea, oceans, and land. You shall see hurricanes, tornadoes, and volcanic eruptions across the world that is different, in nature, than that of past years. You'll see warmer days where you are moving in Charlottesville, Virginia and within cities and towns of Virginia. In other states, their climates are altering as I speak. So much of this has to do, as I have said and my fellow heavenly host, that those states shall experience harsh, long downpours of rain and some hail and some snow. Now is the time for climate change to have a large part of world events along with the political changes that are dynamically having an effect across the world with all nations.

Excerpt of Message received Message 25 February 2017 excerpt: Now comes the time for earth changes from California, along the coastal line to Mexico and across the eastern shores. Volcanoes are peaking to levels of erupting. They cannot be stopped. This is in Africa, Hawaii, around the Bermuda the triangle, and other locations close in proximity. There is a connecting link around the world. The earth core and lower plain flooring is reaching a high temperature to set them to occur. What can be done is nothing to prevent it. It is its natural occurrence from within its core. Vanity remains blind to why these occurrences are happening in this era so soon. Lack of knowledge to tell the truth for fear of what might happen to them (scientist fear reprisal against them if they tell what is truly occurring). Timing prohibits safety for millions or slightly less to protect their homes or families (because scientists are not speaking up there's not enough time to help those that will be affected). These occurrences are not orderly, they are what the people too do not plan on happening. Catastrophic events are not normal for these seasons. Yes, it is what some volcanoes are considered to normally occur but these types are not (typical) and the linkage to one another (is not considered to be typical). Scientists are and will be stumped in these findings because it links to the earths core and the earth's levels beneath the ocean.


My child, keep praying as you're doing for your health and well-being. You are being supported by God's heavenly divine host. This you are aware of. I am with you always my child, all is good. Forever in the Christ eternal



Summary of message: The UN (United Nations) will fail and be dismantled. The United Nations was a great idea but became greedy and controlling. The UN wanted a dictatorship where they controlled the world. It is a demonic entity as is Russia and China. Putin is on the warpath. Trump has given other countries America's stand on Trade and they don't know what to do because they are used to an old system that was favorable to them and not favorable to the US. This will effect currency, stocks, oil, gold, bonds, and more. Freedom will have to be fought for (not sure of the context yet).



This New Order (the UN) is not of God's plan (the New Order is demonic and will not stand).

Weather changes will have great impact across the world in 2017. Sea levels are rising and climate is changing due to man's tampering with the earth's core, and atmosphere; the galaxy is now off course because of this tampering which will bring the dark planet that gets no sun light into our planet


See our Book Series IN THE LIGHT OF CHRIST for more prophecy and detail of upcoming events for 2017/18 and beyond

These are prophetic warnings. I have received over three hundred total messages since 2014. There are about 150 prophecies (not predictions) from God that I have received in 2017 that tell of the next two years ahead and what is occurring at present. They are warnings of things to come shortly and that are taking place now, and there are Safe Zones to go to away from danger zones. Most shorelines worldwide will be flooded and war will rage on our own soil. Some will say, "I'm going to be 'raptured' before anything happens to me. If there are earth changes and war as these messages declare, I will be gone." My suggestion: If God gives you a warning, make a decision and act on it. Don't be like the Israelites who were warned that they would be taken into captivity but didn't act. The enemy took them. In most prophecy sites online, people believe that prophecy means prediction. It does not. Prophecy warns a person that there are changes coming that will affect them just like if I said to you, "Look out, stop, a truck is going to run over you." That is a warning. I didn't predict the exact moment it would happen, I only warned your that it was near and imminent. In the following messages, there are some prophecies but not all the entire amount of prophecies we have received. I am a seer and God's scribe. I have received over 50 prophecies in 2018.


I know, in this earthbound religious system of man, it is difficult to believe that anyone can actually see and hear in the Spirit. That is because churches don't teach this, that it is possible to have these gifts in the 21st Century.  I can see in the Spirit. Jesus comes to me and sits and talks with me. Sometimes the apostles, prophets, and His chosen come along and sometimes Jesus sends them to tell me what he wants me to share with humanity. At times, Jesus is present but allows others to speak His message. We attempted to put all of the three hundred messages on this website and it began crashing. We were told spiritually to place them in digital and book form so the Word would be received. It may help to set aside some religious earthbound beliefs though. These are Spiritual Messages but with details of coming events, and some tell of what is happening presently as the world prepares for a world war and earth changes caused by man's scientific experiments that has caused a polar shift to speed up. We are the makers of this chaos and it will devastate mankind. There are great signs of it now. The experiments on the earth's core by injecting energy into it has backfired and the North and South Poles are now moving, causing magnetic anomalies, excess heating of the earth that exacerbates volcanic events, and creates extreme weather patterns.

There are earth changes and political upheaval that lead to catastrophic events. We will have war on our own soil and will have to fight to maintain our freedom. Earth changes of dormant volcanic eruptions in California and worldwide will occur. Earth changes are happening now around the world and will increase greatly. Some Safe Zones are here on this site and more are listed in our most recent book "The Veil Lifted-In The Light Of Christ." My husband and I (JD Cross) were told to move away from our oceanfront home and move to a safe area near a mountain range. We just completed our move to the mountains. Take heed and trust that God loves you and is concerned about you and your family's safety. If nothing else: PRAY about it and open your heart to the answer.


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