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Earth Changes: Vortices of Charlottesville 2017



Hello everyone. I have recently received several spiritual messages about the “vortices” around Charlottesville and surrounding areas along with earth changes that are occurring worldwide. What I gather from these messages is that vortices are swirling, invisible energy sources coming from the earth’s core. I would like to share the highlights of the messages although I don’t understand all of its content. I’ll begin with what was given about the number and types of vortices in the area.


There are now six vortices located in various mountains around Charlottsville that have a source of positive and negative energies and three just have a source of positive energy and are positioned in proximity of one another to serve a function. These three energy sources emit healing energies for the body, mind, soul, and Spirit (Charlottesville will become a healing center in time). They also heal nature and are in range to be felt by people. Another function served by the vortices around the Albemarle and Nelson County area helps keep several volcanoes that have been dormant for many years that lie in Charlottesville city limits from becoming active. Now, I believe most of what I’m going to share with you may not be found in science but God wants you to know His thoughts on the subject so here we go.


The earth changes in and around Charlottesville have been occurring rapidly for over several hundred years. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were very much interested in geography and its nature and growth. Monticello has an energy source that Jefferson recognized within its region that served of great purpose during his journey for all humanity. The point I am making here is about the history of God’s creation for all humanity that is filled with energy that cannot be seen through the human eyes. If it could be seen it would have to form into a denser field of itself into matter and its form. The mountains have a high vibratory source of energy: positive and negative that flow to aid in its growth within nature and the atmospheric levels. Surrounding areas of Charlottesville have vortices to balance the fields of energy levels in the surrounding locations as far as Nelson County and out. Within Charlottesville (Albemarle County) there are 6 vortices as I have mentioned. The energy fields of these vortices are spiraling at a higher vibration and each have a purpose of being. Time has its purpose for the vortices to have its affect in ways unknown to mankind. These energies are sourced from the universe and its solar rays (God’s Creation).


Natural disasters have constantly increased and have affected millions of people every year. Worldwide, earthquakes, volcanoes, rockfalls, landslides, and avalanches have more or less stayed constant. Numbers of climate-related disasters have dramatically increased across the United States and across international waters such as drought and wildfires, floods, coastal flooding and storm surge, apocalyptic storms, heat and cold waves, and cyclones. Now is the time to be alert in watching the signs of earth and atmospheric changes that are rapidly occurring around the world. These earth changes such as a pole shift of the planetary axis, the melting of the polar ice caps, major weather events, solar flares, and other amazing and frightening phenomena are signs of God that will enter on a series of cataclysmic events causing major alterations in people’s lives.


There is a turbulence within the sea waters that will give cause to great hurricanes and tornadoes, extremely high ocean tides that will cause much damage to coastal areas, and eventually tsunamis across the world that will be occurring more and more. The tidewaters that run higher than expected will occur rapidly and is hard to detect the course of action (to take to protect people). Deserts have seen unusual weather storms because the equator is now shifting due to a polar shift. Crops in warmer areas will die because of the weather shifts. The winds of cold will be increasing in blistering cold temperatures across the desert. Shelter will be difficult for those to locate during storm times because they will form so rapidly and manifest violently. The Arctic waters are warmer than usual; this gives cause to change in climate across the states and around the world. The earth changes are taking a hold and gripping strongly to not collapse on its axis. Stabilizing is coming from the earth’s vortices which is not known to scientists today. They have detected energy levels but do not know yet that it is the vortices within the earth’s layers. All energies are sequentially linked to vortices around the world and within the universe. This is a power beyond man’s consciousness to receive. What can one say about these types of changes; they will be looked at scientifically with truly no answer in fact.


Earth changes has its effects on Charlottesville. 


Now let me say that the earth changes have been occurring since its creation. In coming forward through time to present day 2017, the earth is tilted on its axis in such a degree so as to have great effect on different states across the United States and the worldwide countries. In looking at Charlottesville, the meridian line of the equator is shifting and giving cause to warmer climate in this region. The vortices from Basye to Charlottesville are changing. The earth’s core and its layers have a great deal to do with this occurrence. The region has been undergoing change over the past twenty years. Within the city of Charlottesville there are several volcanoes that have caused earthquakes hundreds of years ago that have been dormant for many years. The vortices in surrounding areas of Charlottesville have helped to keep them dormant through means of energy. What sets off dormant  volcanoes is, according to the messages I received, from within the earth are magnetic fields of energy of positive and negative fields that give cause to eruptions due to its heated molecules, among other atmospheric densities and its moisture built within itself, its bedded layers of matter. This can get complicated in nature due to the earth’s shifting in a billionth of a second and because of the electrical field magnetically from the earth’s solar system. 


Now what does this have to do with Charlottesville? The terrain, the mountains are at a low and show signs now of changes within its terrain. The temperature has changed to warmer degrees that affect the terrain. This is due to the “North and South Polar Shift” that is now occurring that affects all mountains across the United States, which climate and earth changes have occurred with all ranges within the past ten years. In the last five years the weather across its ranges and peaks have experienced atmospheric changes that are warmer than usual. All this is due to solar changes and the sun has moved slightly closer to the earth. Charlottesville is coming alive due to these changes. “Sacred deity sites” of past are being awakened because of the vortices reoccurring at these sites. Water levels are rising at a high and low at rivers throughout Charlottesville and surrounding areas. The Rivanna River and the Lake Monticello are showing these signs. These are streaming a high due to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans rising, the sea walls shifting, and land beneath rising. The Pantops Mountain, Mount Jefferson, Maintop Mountain, and Priest Mountain are enlivened by vortices to its highest vibratory ranges than hundreds of years ago. This is God’s means in prevailing over the negative forces (volcanic eruptions and earthquakes around Charlottesville). I consider Charlottesville a safe zone as earth changes move to their peak worldwide.


Bio: JD Cross holds a master’s degree in business administration and has a certification of ordination in ministry. Cross has taught circles of meditation, energy healing, and one-on-one intuitive holistic counseling and life readings. Cross began receiving spiritual messages at an early age. These experiences inspired her books Soul Travel in Heaven: The Day I Died of her Near-Death Experience (NDE) and Prophecies In The Light Of Christ.


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