Messages From Heaven

September 24, 2015

I have placed nearly 40 spiritual messages from Jesus, Apostles, Prophets, and the Chosen in my next book that is about finished. As far as receiving messages, I listen and I write what is said to me. They sometimes allow me to see places and events in the spirit as well. I have had this ability since childhood as I described in my book "Soul Travel In Heaven-The Day I Died." In the book is my near-death experience along with some of my life stories.


I had a mentor when I was in my teens who received spiritual messages and we compared what we got each time we met. Alice was a wonderful woman who taught me about life as well as spiritual matters of God and Son. I miss her dearly.


It was quite difficult growing up and knowing my playmates and those around me understood little of what was going on inside me, being able to see angels, auras, and knowing things about people that were going on in their lives. I wondered why I was so different and why others didn't have the relationship with Jesus that I did.


There are many who have had similar experiences but who don't tell anyone for fear of being judged. My mother lisened and spoke with me of those experiences and that made life bareable. I hope you will share your stories here or send me a message. I will always write back.


Sincerely JD Cross

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